Managed IT

Open Informatics Managed IT Services are designed to provide support of an entire IT Infrastructure, both on-premises, in data centers, as well as industrial facilities. Our tier based pricing structure and monthly contract option ensures any business that utilizes Open Informatics Managed IT Services can enjoy a highly available, cost efficient management of their IT infrastructure needs.

Our Managed IT Services are designed to be cost efficient, and provide full management of IT infrastructures for our customers. This type of service is the most cost and time effective in terms of controlling expenditures in terms of deployment, management and troubleshooting of IT infrastructure. This includes servers, client workstations, networking equipment, control systems, and much more.

Services We Provide

App Hosting

  • Cloud Desktop
  • Terminal Services
  • Dedicated Virtual Apps

End-User Support

  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Support Assistance

IT Consulting

  • Project Delivery
  • IT Processes
  • Long Term Plans

Email Hosting

  • Access Email via Web, Mobile & Desktop.
  • All-in-One

Systems Support

  • Server Systems
  • Critical Applications
  • Remote Access

System Migration

  • Migrating Platforms
  • Service Provider Change
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades

Web Hosting

  • Advanced Web Hosting with Superior Support

Network Support

  • Network Systems
  • Wireless Devices
  • VPN Services

Cloud Services

  • Migrating to Cloud Apps
  • Private Dedicated Cloud
  • Virtualization